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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bed Float-Max Longin

Max Longin Furniture Design

Urban and sensual:
float - an innovative bed designed by Max Longin

Uncompromising and extravagant:
the appearance of float is minimalist and playful at the same time.

Held by four suspended stainless steel cords, the sleeping surface rests in the center of the pulling strengths. The wooden rods of the outer frame take these strengths with proverbial ease.

Seemingly floating the sleeping plain is held by the wooden rods and stainless steel bows. The bows themselves rest in oak cones.

This progressive bedding doesn't inhibit or obstruct the movements of the lying or loving, it rather balances them and carries them to rest.

The construction of the bed is based on the idea of the central point of rest to which everything leads in a pliable and soft way.

The stainless steel bows connect the conical lumbers and create a furniture item with sculptural character.

The bed can be dismantled into several parts. The separate parts of float also form the transportation case. You couldn't be more ecological!

Innovation till the tips of your toes: For the connection between the wooden rods and the steel bows simple and effective elements have been developed.

float is manucatured by the German mathematician and designer Max Longin.

faq for the float bed

Does the float bed move?

The suspended platform moves when you move. The balancing effect of float for those who lie on it is hard to put into words. People lying on the suspended platform are lead to their own center. The smooth path to dormancy is like a foretaste of the subsequent rest. The movements are not obstructed but balanced out smoothly.

What are the advantages of sleeping on a pliable platform?

For babies the calming effect of the rocking cradle is well known. Experts suppose it is due to recalling the womb. For adults this effect is imitated with waterbeds which have well known drawbacks (orthopedics, climate, electric fields and currents, weight). The float bed offers this comfort in a pleasing and functional way.

What ensures the superior quality of float?

Max Longin did not only design and develop the concept of the float bed, still every piece is handmade and handfinished mainly by himself. Therefor a delivery time of approximately 8 weeks has to be accepted to achieve the float beds superior quality.

What is the weight capacity of a float bed?

Each of the stainless steel ropes bears about 1.200 kg (2.645 lbs) static. Such a traction would occur when a weight of about 2.300 kg (over 5.000 lbs) would be evenly spread over the platform.

How long does it take to assemble a float bed?

When you order a float bed please be aware that float is delivered as a transport-case including a detailed assembly instruction (in English and/or German) and all necessary premium quality tools. The first-time assembly for a skillful person takes approximately 90 minutes. Float is assembled upside down. For turning around the assembled bed the help of a second person is needed. If you prefer an assembly service please ask for it in your inquiry.

What mattresses are best for a float bed?

Normally the mattress is not included when you order a float bed. For the float bed I recommend Talalay latex mattresses. If you want a mattress delivered with your float bed please mention it in your inquiry. Then a premium Talalay will be offered together with the bed.

What sizes are available?

float is available for 3 standard mattress sizes:

  • float 16: 200 cm × 160 cm (78¾″ × 63″)
  • float ks: 214 cm × 182 cm (84″ × 72″, i.e. California King size)
  • float 20: 200 cm × 200 cm (78¾″ × 78¾″) (please note: float 20 has longer delivery time)

What is the over-all size of an assembled float bed?

The size of an assembled float bed depends on the mattress size you choose. You'll get the over-all size when you add 36 cm (14″) to both dimensions of the mattress size, e.g. float 16 has a mattress size of 200 cm × 160 cm (78¾″ × 63″), what results in an over-all size of 236 cm × 196 cm (92¾″ × 77″)

Which timbers are available?

As standards you can choose from the following hardwoods: ash, beech, cherry, elm, maple, oak or walnut. If you prefer other (sustainable) timbers ask for your favorite timber in your inquiry. If the wood is available a float bed in your favorite timber can be manufactured!

What finishings are used for the timbers?

The finishing used is a special oil with paraffin components. The rods are oiled and polished 3 times what results in a very resistant semi gloss surface with a woodenly haptic.

Where can I purchase my float bed?

If you are interested in ordering a float bed - please send an e-mail to inquiries@max-longin.com. You will receive a formal quote with an exact delivery time as quickly as possible. Therefore the following information is required: the size and timber you prefer and your country and postal code (delivery address).

Has the float bed a warranty?

If a float bed is well-assembled it is a life time (and longer) furniture. Each float bed is equipped with a warranty certificate offering an extended warranty of 5 years.

What are the delivery times?

When you order a float bed it is usually ready to ship in about 8 weeks. As a matter of fact delivery time depends on the destiny (delivery address) where your float bed shall be shipped to. Because of the limited production capacities the delivery period is always up to confirmation.

How much does a float bed cost?

The prices in the list below are at-door prices including all fees and taxes. Due to changing exchange rates and transportation costs they are subject to confirmation.

The mentioned prices refer to payment by credit card. If you pay via PayPal you are rebated 2%. If you pay by money transfer you are rebated 5%.

  • USA:
    • float 16: 8.200 USD
    • float ks: 9.200 USD
    • float 20: 9.600 USD
  • UK:
    • float 16: 3.340 GBP
    • float ks: 3.680 GBP
    • float 20: 3.800 GBP
  • Eurozone:
    • float 16: 4.560 EUR
    • float ks: 5.290 EUR
    • float 20: 5.520 EUR
  • Switzerland:
    • float 16: 7.820 CHF
    • float ks: 9.080 CHF
    • float 20: 9.540 CHF

(Included are taxes, freight, freight-insurance and fees. Included are a detailed assembly instruction and all the premium quality tools needed for the assembly. Included is a 5 year warranty. A mattress is not included.)

When and how is the ordered float bed to be paid?

You can pay by credit card (Amex, Master, Visa), PayPal (2% rebate) or bank transfer (5% rebate).
If you pay by credit card your credit card data is required 3 weeks before shipping.
If you pay via PayPal please transfer the invoice 1 week before shipping.
If you choose bank transfer please transfer the invoice 2 weeks before shipment.

When you order a timber different from walnut, maple or cherry you will be asked for a 15% deposit.

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