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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Decor
Decorating your bathroom is vital to exceeding the bland and generic stock bathrooms. With the help of this section, your bathroom will become personal and more comfortable. All the articles found here contain helpful information about bathroom tiles, creating a spa out of your bathroom, and choosing the bath tub right for you.

Bathroom Decorating Made Easy

Probably the hardest room to decorate in a home is the Bathroom. Often, in older homes, the bathroom is small and utilitarian. There may be no windows, and ventilation in older homes often suffers. After the kitchen, the Bathroom is the most popular room to redecorate. If you are planning to sell the home, concentration on bathroom décor will go a long way in making the sale. Here, we will discuss bathroom decorating– what adds value if you are looking to sell, and what you can do to make a bathroom makeover an outstanding one.

Things To Consider

Because you are often limited in space in a bathroom, every effort must be made to insure that the bathroom looks larger than it really is. Lighting and choice of paint go a very long way here. Let’s look at these.

Bathroom Lighting

Here, we want to not only make the room bright and airy, but want lighting that is beneficial for grooming. Vanity lighting is of particular importance. Most bathrooms have bar style bathroom lighting which is designed to hang above the mirror. Although it can look great and add lighting to a heavily used area of the bathroom, experts say that it is not so good for grooming. Instead, they recommend that vanity lighting should be balanced on both sides of the vanity mirror. This lighting should be at face level, and even though each family member is of different height, the lighting should be geared towards the woman in the home. The goal is to provide shadow free lighting when the woman applies makeup. Wall scones on each side of the mirror are a big help in this situation.

Fluorescent lighting in the bathroom is frowned upon by many experts, because the lighting gives off different colors which are not conducive to good grooming. This is especially true when a woman applies makeup. The down side to this is fluorescent lighting is required in the bathroom in some states. You can work around this by working with a home designer, who can advise you on the type of bulb to use that gives more complimentary color.

Choosing The Right Paint

When considering paint for the bathroom, be sure to get a paint that can easily be washed without finish being removed. Because of the steamy, damp environment, paint in the bathroom can get infested with mildew or mold. When shopping for bathroom paint, be aware of the brands on the market today. Many of them are resistant to these unwanted elements. A semi-gloss paint has a high sheen that is easy to wash, making it perfect for fighting the threats of dirt, mold, and moisture. Think twice before considering a stippled or textured wall treatment, as this provides a haven for mold and mildew, and is much harder to clean.

Modern décor in a bathroom is a simple matter of picking the right colors, accessories, and paying attention to detail.

Source Article : By Alden Smith, Alden Smith is an award winning author and regular contributor to DoItYourself.com. He writes on a variety of subjects, and excels in research.

Monday, January 26, 2009

~Cool and Clear Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Blue and white is a timeless decorating scheme that appeals equally to boys and girls, big kids and small. In a stressful world, blue can bring home a serene feeling -- ­something a teen may especially appreciate.

cool and clear teen bedroom decorating idea, pale blue and white color scheme
Pale blue and white look great with modern furniture, especially
when you use accents in vibrant red. Retailer: Gautier USA, Inc.

If your youngster's room is on the small side, a blue-and-white scheme creates a more spacious feeling. To start the decorating process, let your child choose a shade of blue he or she likes best. Sky blue and baby blue are lighthearted favorites that work well in a contemporary setting. For a traditional scheme, rich cobalt is the classic most associated with blue-and-white porcelain.

Don't stop there, however. There are many other blues from which to choose, from teal and turquoise to periwinkle and indigo. Whatever shade appeals to your teen, blue really goes the distance.

Making the transition from a juvenile room to a more adult look, while still retaining a sense of individuality, can seem like a daunting task. However, with the help of these decorating ideas, you and your teen should have no problem creating a room that is tasteful but unique.

Source : HowStuffWork

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Mary Wynn Ryan is the author of numerous interior design books including The Ultimate Kitchen, The Ultimate Bath, Cottage Style, Fresh Country Style, and Garden Style. She has written about home furnishings and interior design for various magazines and served as Midwest editor of Design Times magazine.

Heidi Tyline King is an accomplished writer and editor. She has written extensively about America's arts, culture, history, nature-based attractions, and decorating projects, including All About Paint and Wallpaper, Beautiful Wedding Crafts, Pelican Guide to the Florida Panhandle, The Unofficial Guide to the Southeast with Kids, and others.

~Fresh and Frolicsome Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Yellow-green, the color of young lettuce, is one of the most versatile hues around. Virtually every color pairs nicely with it, from sedate navy to cheery orange. But, when you pair yellow-green with red-violet, its color wheel complement, you get a scheme that's truly delightful.

fresh and frolicsome teen bedroom decorating idea, garden fresh room
A bed ensemle of frisky butterflies matches well with garden-fresh colors.
Retailer: Bombay Kids

This room shows how foolproof it can be. Against a chartreuse ground, bright white and magenta stand out as freshly as tulips in a spring field.

Even if your furniture is a darker wood you don't want to paint, this green keeps the whole scheme light and bright. It's a look that's fun and feminine and not at all babyish. If your gi­rl is looking for a more sophisticated take on pastel pink and green, this may be it!

On the next page, you'll find a design utilizing a color pairing that never goes out of style.

~Cool and Clear Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Source : HowStuffWork

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~Rustic Retreats Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Teens crave a space of their own to get away from it all, and this handsome room fulfills that need without any fuss. Whether the room is as small as a bunkhouse or as big as all outdoors, the decorating style known as "lodge" can make it a getaway any boy would enjoy.

rustic retreats teen bedroom decorating idea, cozy nature room
A big room can still be cozy with a warm color scheme of forest green and
taupe, which also brings the calm tones of nature indoors.
Manufacturer: Stanley Furniture Co.

Start with simple squared-off furniture in strongly grained oak or pine, or go for even more rustic pieces made of coarse-hewn or peeled logs. Add homespun fabrics in ticking stripes, lumberjack plaid, or other timeless country patterns.

A color scheme of red and hunter green or red and denim blue will give a rich, lively contrast to neutral wood tones. Let your boy's interests dictate the accessories, whether he's into cowboys or camping.

The next page of­fers more decorating ideas with a different kind of outdoor style.

~Fresh and Frolicsome Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Source : HowStuffWork

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~Blue Reigns Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Not every girl goes fo­r pink in a big way, and some lose interest in it when they reach their teens. No problem! Versatile and popular, blue is a decorating idea just as likely to win her favor.

blue and yellow teen bedroom decorating idea
© Alain Giguere
Creamy yellow glazes simple furniture for a luscious look that's
rich against French blue walls. Manufacturer: EG Furniture

Blue is widely used in the bedroom because it's inherently soothing. In a south- or west-facing bedroom, the color is a practical choice because it's psychologically cooling. What's more, if your teen's room is on the small side, pale tints of blue work like white to visually expand the space.

Virtually any color looks fine with some tone of blue, but you may want to create contrast with darks and lights. Royal or navy blue comes alive with yellow; pale blue looks sophisticated next to deep magenta or fuchsia. Either way, blue is clearly cool.

On the next page, you'll learn how to "stay cool" with your teen by transforming the bedroom into a private getaway. ~Rustic Retreats Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Source : HowStuffWork

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~Space-Age Sleek Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Just how modern can contemporary style be? Very! Teens are essentially forward-looking beings, so it's no surprise they're often attracted to decorating ideas with a slee­k modern style.

space-age sleek teen bedroom decorating idea, studio apartment furniture
Go beyond bedroom basics and add pieces that befit a chic studio apartment,
such as a scaled wall unit or a dining/work table perfect for studying.
Retailer: Gautier USA, Inc.

There's a practical aspect, too: If your teen's room is small, simply styled light-color modern furniture can help it look more spacious, and laminate surfaces make cleaning a breeze. What's more, even lightly scaled modern pieces may be big on savvy storage.

Decorating's a snap as well. You can emphasize the cool spacious factor with blue and green backgrounds and add warmth with yellow and orange. Furniture like this would be as much at home in a first studio apartment as in a teen's bedroom, so, if you shop carefully for quality, you might be able to send him or her off with the basics.

On the next page, learn how you can make basic blue go a long way.

~Blue Reigns Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Source : HowStuffWork

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