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Monday, January 26, 2009

~Sport Authorities Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Successful, active teens have more complicated studies and more elaborate hobbies than their younger siblings, but they're still kids who need room to move. Great decorating ideas incorporate these hobbies into your teen's room.

sport authories teen bedroom decorating idea, baskeball bedroom
© Laurence Taylor
This bedroom sports a scaled-down basketball court done up in favorite
team colors. The shelving echoes the Cubist-inspired bed ensemble.
Designer: Montanna & Associates. Architect: Tom Price

Sleek, well-designed storage furniture can house a multitude of things in an orderly way. Even if orderliness is too much to hope for, furnishings like these at least keep the clutter out of sight and off the floor.

If your teen appreciates the natural warmth of wood furniture and built-ins, follow through with fabrics that echo these tawny tones. If he prefers an industrial look, you can furnish his space with laminates in cool neutral shades and inject a bit of warmth with red or another hot accent color. Either way, strive for simplicity, minimal hardware, and maximum freedom of movement.

Give your teen freedom of expression with hot decorating ideas, found on the next page.

~Definitely Hot Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Checkmark Shelves

What You'll Need (for each checkmark)

Image of Checkmark Shelves for Sport Authorities Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea.

  • 2 lengths 1x10-inch pine shelving, 10 and 20 inches long
  • Hammer and 4 to 6 brads
  • Wood glue
  • Damp rag
  • Fine-grade sandpaper
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Screws and 3/4-inch-wide keyhole plates, 3 each
  • 3 drywall anchors
  • Screwdriver

1. Using hammer, tap brads about 11/2 inches apart along 1 side edge of 10-inch length of shelving so brads are secure but not through wood. Apply line of glue along same edge on opposite side of brads.

Image of glue applied to Checkmark Shelves under construction.

2. Place 20-inch length of shelving perpendicular to other piece so edges are aligned. Hammer pieces together; wipe away excess glue. Let dry, then sand smooth and wipe clean. Apply 2 coats of paint; let dry between coats.

3. Position shelving on wall as desired, marking screw holes with pencil. Attach keyhole plates to edge of checkmark at top, bottom, and top of bottom portion of checkmark. Using screwdriver and drywall anchors, secure screws into wall, leaving unscrewed about 1/4 inch. Hang shelf onto screws.

Image of completed Checkmark Shelf ready for positioning.

­4. Repeat steps for more checkmark shelves.

Source : HowStuffWork

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