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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Asian exotically unusual!

Asian exotically unusual!

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Home d?cor is a subject that has fascinated mankind for ages. Since the time of prehistory, man has always taken pride in decorating his caves with wall arts and figurines. Today, the art of home interior decorating has transformed itself to a full-fledged profession. A number of styles and fashions have come into the play in this field. The arena of home interior decorating has undergone a huge change, as the world had grown closer through communication. Thus, with greater levels of communications being established all around the world, the influences of different cultures have crept into the world of home interior decorating and have redefined the art of home d?cor itself. One of these styles that have been brought in from foreign lands is the home d?cor style called the Asian.Bring home the exquisite elegance of the east with the Asian style of home interior decorating. The look that this style demands is one that stresses on the subtle while hinting at the bold. A greater emphasis is placed on the accessories than is natural in any other style of home interior decorating. You have a greater scope of experimentation with colors than any other style would allow you. Beginning with gray and silver, a number of colors gel well with the walls of the interiors of this style of home interior decorating. If you have chosen gray or silver as the base of the shades of color for your walls, you can accentuate the quaint exotic feel of the style with accessories that are colored in shades of blue or purple. Another important and oft used color combination is the combination of white and silver which is guaranteed to give a completely regal feel to the entire d?cor of the room. A variation that is guaranteed to bring in a dash of freshness to your interiors is the use of colors like orange and lime citrus.You could leave the floors bare or cover them up with a Tibetan rug that is sure to do wonders in enhancing the Asian style of home interior decorating. You could also add in a couple of bamboo-framed mirrors and night lamp stands for the entire look of the orient to be accentuated. An additional feature of variation could be brought about by the addition of a piece of furniture that is perhaps not so often seen in the western styles of home interior decorating. Thus, you could perhaps add a touch of oriental magic with the addition of a treasure chest with a lacquered lid in the center of the room, which could perhaps double up as a coffee table. The lacquered look goes extremely well with most of the furniture that is associated with this style of home interior decorating. The Asian look of home d?cor is one that can provide you with the maximum scope for using antique pieces of furniture. Try and use symmetry and color wherever possible keeping in mind that no other style of home d?cor allows one as much scope for using the unusual as much as the Asian style of home interior decorating leaves room for.

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