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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Contemporary an elegance that thrills!

Contemporary an elegance that thrills!

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It is said that our homes are one of the most accurate images of our personalities, mirroring our tastes, likes and dislikes. Thus, while planning your home d?cor make sure you project exactly the face that you want the rest of the world to see. If you belong to one of the swanky, smart individuals who make up most of the mass of our generation next, then, the right theme for you would be the latest to hit the circles of interior decoration. Opt for the minimalist look that is the latest buzzword in the world of home d?cor. Though dismissed by older generations of interior experts as cold, most of today?s younger professional home interior decorators feel that the look that this theme presents is more welcoming and warm than that presented by its predecessors. One of the most important things to keep in mind while executing this theme is the fact that the look that one should aim to achieve is one that would be minimalist and clutter-free.Make sure that the floors are bare with a smooth finish, preferably of wood, tile or vinyl. Just in case you cannot do without carpets, opt for the down-to-earth patterns which are either geometric or plain. Avoid floral patters and prints both in the carpets as well as in the upholstery. The fabric to be used for the upholstery should be preferably natural like wool, cotton, silk or jute with colors that are neutral like black, white or gray. The minimalist look that this theme of home interior decoration demands should also be portrayed in the furniture of the room. Thus, while investing in the furniture, make sure that sofas, chairs and beds are simple without any skirts, trimmings, fringes or tassels. If you feel that the minimalist contemporary look is becoming too cold for the ambience that you want to project you could add a dash of warmth and color by using dashes of bright accessories.For example, you could perhaps use brightly colored cushions on the sofa that could add a variation and life to the stillness of the room. It is advisable to keep the walls bare with perhaps just a hint of color here and there by using a picture or two. Make sure that the pictures do not draw too much of attention to themselves as this can make the rest of the room look bare in comparison and spoil the general effect that the ambience of this theme of home d?cor aims to create. The walls should be like the upholstery painted in shades of color that are either white, black or neutral as this plays a very important influence on the overall impression that you want to project. In most cases, lighting is emphasized in the rooms, which are furnished keeping in mind the contemporary look as that helps to a large extent in removing the aura of bland vacuum that the theme is associated with.

Source : SymphonyHomeDecorating

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