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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~Glass Shelves Tips For Expert Use'

Glass Shelves Tips For Expert Use

Right through the beginning of time, man has used wood for various purposes, and the biggest reason for this is that it is one of the easiest products to obtain. To get wood, one has to do nothing but just cut down a tree which involves very little use of technology. Man did these in medieval times and in modern times, the craftsmen have learnt a lot of new techniques and making furniture out of wood is not the same. Te designs look very attractive and flashy. And this is the reason wood is the main requirement for furniture making. In particular, wooden shelves have been really popular because they blend perfectly with the rest of the furniture and are easy to assemble, and not to forget the fact that they do look really beautiful. But recently Glass shelves have also gained popularity and the reason of which can be known here. Glass as a material looks attractive and reflective. Wherever you see any modern interior design magazines, you will find that glass blends in a very attractive manner with green plants which makes a room not only professional but also livable and yes it also makes the room spacious. So overall it can be said that glass is the future of living room and bedroom decor. Glass is also easier to maintain when compared with wood. Wood has it side effects when it comes to cleaning because it requires timely dusting. Special care has to be taken when cleaning wood because it cannot be cleaned with just water and a sponge or a piece of cloth. It requires a special cleansing veneer which makes wood shinier and long lasting. But it goes with its disadvantages too like the veneer is expensive and may not be easily available. And also everyone cannot apply the veneer because there is a specific procedure to be followed. But when it comes to glass, there is absolutely no need for any costly material and needs only a cheap cleansing agent like Cleanex which is available easily. Also its application is very simple and requires just a cloth or sponge. And when it comes to the case of strength, glass is no way behind wood. Wood, which has been used for a long time to make furniture has and advantage of being resilient product and good looks. But Glass is again taking over wood in this matter because of its added strength. The glass used for shelves and the one used for making glass products are no way related., because the glass used in shelves is specially treated to be strong enough. This one is called tempered glass which is like a lot stronger and resilient than the normal glass and has the capability to handle high pressures when heavier items are placed on it. This fact cannot be ignored because we place many things like heavy books and stereo systems and TV and we expect it to handle every possible pressure.

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