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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Garden Flair Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea

The mother of this Garden Flair Kids' Bedroom's occupant is a Montessori teacher who believes everything around the child will affect the development of her daughter's personality.

­Garden Flair Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea
Steve Martin
A laser-cut border of cascading leaves suggests an airy pergola, enhanced by
a wrought-iron daybed. Designer: Gloria Rinaldi, INTERIORS by Decorating Den

Garden Flair Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea
Steve Martin
A charming mix of fabrics gives this
window seat a feeling of luxury and fun.

Inspired by her own childhood garden memories, the mother requested a garden-theme room that could grow along with her young daughter. The decorator obliged with a complementary color scheme and a mix of pretty but not childish fabrics.

Walls the color of Granny Smith apples make a background both soothing and lively; accents in rosy red add punch.

While the wealth of dressmaker details on pillows and other fabrics are delightful, this room is practical, too. The window seat contains a number of roomy storage drawers, the trundle daybed will host sleepovers through the teen years, and there's plenty of floor space for play.

Personality abounds in the decorating idea on the next page, a seafaring theme.

Source : HowStuffWork

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