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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Miniature Marvels Kids' Bathroom Decorating Idea

At one time, a bath designed just for children was a novel idea, but today, many homes have a bath reserved just for the family's children.

Miniature Marvels Kids' Bathroom Decorating Idea
A bath of his own is a luxury, but a bath filled with fixtures sized for
a preschooler is a dream come true. Manufacturer: Chamber Tots.

The next step in kid-size luxury may be bath fixtures that are sized for youngsters. Instead of step stools to reach the sink and plastic contraptions to make the toilet seat fit a child better, a suite of fixtures actually designed for young children is safer and more comfortable.

Choose a system with a sink and tub that have antiscald devices and one in which all fixtures have conventionally sized plumbing so you can switch them out when your kids get bigger.

Miniature Marvels Kids' Bathroom Decorating Idea
Deep, rich colored walls set off the fixtures' lighter hues. Choose fixtures you
can replace with conventional-size pieces later. Manufacturer: Chamber Tots.

In a supremely kid-friendly bath like this, the only thing that remains the same as in a conventional bath is the ironclad rule: Never leave a child in the tub unattended for even a moment.

Making a bathroom fit for a kid can be done on the cheap or as a wholesale refurbishment. Use the ideas in this article to find the best method for you.

Source : HowStuffWork

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