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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~The Use of Marble Or Ceramic Tiles When Remodeling

The Use of Marble Or Ceramic Tiles When Remodeling

The drop in real estate prices has resulted in many home sellers wanting to find ways to increase the resale value of their homes. One of the best ways to do this is to remodel and wall tiles can be used to achieve just. This is ontop of their other aesthetic use which to add beauty and increase the attractiveness of a home. Remodelling of houses has a significant effect on the market value of the house. A very important area in a house and which increases its value is the bathroom and the kitchen. These can be rejuvenated with a touch of the right wall tiles. Though other areas like the bathroom, backyard, porches can also be remodelled , it is the kitchen and the bathroom that can be the main selling points of a house. Wall tiles are available in a variety of colours, textures and types the most common being porcelain, stone, glass, ceramic as well as marble. More and more people are giving walls their due attention when it comes to remodeling because transforming a wall is the easiet way to transform a home. Porcelain wall tiles are the most common although we are starting to see marble rising in significance. Marble is very elegant although it still costs more than its counterparts porcelain and ceramic and therefore is reserved for those with a higher budget. Marble is actually a modified form of limestone which is derived from metamorphic rock and originates when there are chemical and structural changes in limestone. It contains calcite which is a crystalline form of calcium carbonate CaCo3. Marble has a very elegant feel and appearanceand is attractive because it is quite resistant against weather. Because of this, it was traditionally used in Roman and Greek buildings so as to add grace and elegance to them. There are many sculptures in many ancient cities which are a testimony of the elegance of marble in construction and modeling. Today, marble is mostly used in office buildings and homes of higher income individuals and families. It is also used in artistic work such as renovations and remodelling. One thing with the use of marble is that it comes in a variety of colours, designs, patterns and shapes which makes it the most preferred choice for beautification and decoration of dwellings and offices. It adds to the value of the structure. Marble tiles have indeed proved itself not only in decoration of floors but it has a great impact on the beauty of any part of the house as a decoration alternative. It gives a new life to every part of a house in which it is used. It makes it look alive and more sophisticated and elegant. Marble tiles can really do wonders to change the look entirely. As far as shaping marble is concerned, it is quite flexible and can be easily given various shapes which helps to fit it in to various structures and sculptures of various shapes and sizes. It is a really good alternative for walls and adds to its beauty and appeal.

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