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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Urban a bold statement!

Urban a bold statement!

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In today?s world of speed and fast changes it is important to adapt both ourselves as well as our homes to a style that is suited to our changing environment. Our homes are an extension of ourselves and hence most of us prefer our homes to be what they should be like a reflection of our own likes and dislikes. With a number of influences creeping up nowadays, our tastes have also been transformed to accommodate a more cosmopolitan taste for home interior decoration. One of the styles that have emerged out of these transformations is the urban style of home d?cor. The style, which emerged around the 90?s, was developed in a form that stressed on minimalism and informality. This style developed even more with the passage of time as more and more cosmopolitan influences started creeping into it.The initial look chosen for this design was a minimalist one that can today be referred to as slightly uninviting as well. However, today, as the style developed the urban look of home interior decoration have changed to a more inviting and warm one that has found popularity with both the younger as well as the comparatively older generations. The style has been made more popular by its clean and chic look, with neat lines that are well defined and accentuated. Fresh and cool, this style has found its patrons, predominantly, in the ?Generation Next?. You can experiment with this style of home d?cor playing with both the colors as well as the patterns. Bold is the word of the day, so put on your thinking caps as you plan out your interiors in this style of home interior decoration. While playing with the colors and patterns of this style of home d?cor, make sure to keep the interiors simple, as simplicity is definitely the buzzword of the day. Lines are the most important factor in this style of home d?cor so do not try to experiment with the lines too much. Keep them simple yet stark, with a definite geometric pattern linking the entire room together.You can also play with colors keeping in mind. As the theme itself ranges on the bold, you can opt for anything stretching from combination of neutrals to white or pitch black and even colors that are flamboyantly bright and warm. Play around with rugs making sure of the pattern though. Opt for rugs that are focused more on a geometric pattern. Carpets are extremely important in this style of home d?cor, as a carpet not just provides a sense of warmth that is extremely essential in this style of home interior decoration, but also because it instills inside the room a sense of sophistication and gives it a visual character that is extremely attractive. Accessorize with zebra pillows or cushions that are modeled on the pattern of leopards. With the entire theme planned now all you have to do is to get set for entertaining at the house-warming party!

Source : SymphonyHomeDecorating

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