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Sunday, January 4, 2009

~The Technology Behind Modern Shower Heads

The Technology Behind Modern Shower Heads

Many of us undoubtedly marvel at the exquisite shower heads that we find in elegant hotels and homes. These are essentially the new generation shower heads that actually control the volume of water and the temperature emanates from them. Other than the water, they actually go a step further and massage and tone the skin. Shower head technology that has recently emerged has totally revolutionized the way people take a shower or pamper themselves while in the bath or tub. Technological innovations in shower head technology now lets you conserve water and energy without necessarily sacrificing your much-needed comfort! Take for instance the oxygen-infusing shower head which almost miraculously converts a trickle of water into a powerful jetstream that cleans and soothes the body including the relaxation of tight joints. This works by injecting air bubbles into the water stream and then jetissoning it up to a flow of water for maximum comfort. This water-saving shower head is so ideal that it uses only 1.5 gallons per minute something that many convectional showers struggle to achieve. You can imagine the savings in water and energy when you use an oxygen infusion shower head. We are in an environmental war and there is a move by major world governments to stir their local populace into conserving energy and water. All across the US and the rest of the world, the water table is subsiding and there is a frantic need to conserve. The new shower heads to hit , the water shortages in the world are bound to get more acute. That is why it is imperative that we reevaluate the choices we make regarding water today to ensure that water supplies remain stable. The water-saving oxygen shower head is definitely a step in the right direction. Here is how it works: #When you turn on the tap or faucet, the water enters the shower head and is then infused with oxygen for your best shower. The shower head then increased the water pressure partly to optimize the force of the stream and also to avoid dirt from clogging the head. There is therefore a guarantee never to clog. This shower head gives you a terrific shower all while utilizing a much lesser amount of overall water than a traditional shower head. This makes it the perfect water-conservation tool. Another added boon is that the shower head releases a much wider spray that covers a wider body surface. This is ideal for full-body shower spray which translates to a better shower experience. This stylish shower head comes with an adjustable chrome look that adds to the interior design and look of your bathroom plus it is so easily adjustable one can adjust it with one hand even with eyes closed. The installation is pretty hassle free and devoid of any screws or plumbing experience.

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