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Monday, January 5, 2009

Step Right Up Toddler Bedroom Decorating Idea

The circus has alwa­ys been a popular theme for a child's room, but this interpretation is more dramatic and sophisticated than most.

Step Right Up Toddler Bedroom Decorating Idea
Barn red, slate blue and tawny brown shades leap from the walls
onto the room’s furnishings. Designer: Mark Wilkinson.

Step Right Up Toddler Bedroom Decorating Idea
Simple yet comfortable, this furniture
withstands climbing kids in style.

A masterful mural that ranges around the room is an extraordinary piece of art that doesn't rely on bright colors for its drama.

Befitting the rich, relatively quiet palette, the furniture is also something special. A fusion of Craftsman, Asian and modern styles, these pieces are strikingly handsome yet sturdy enough for active kids.

If you appreciate the timeless, resilient appeal of classic wood, metal and cloth toys, you'll find it satisfying to furnish your treasured little one's room with the same kind of heirloom quality.

Years from now, you'll still be glad you did. Your child and grandchild might be glad, too!

Another theme very common to children is the garden. Find out how to bring that concept to your toddler's room on the next page.

Source : HowStuffWork

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