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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Classic Conservative cozy homeliness!

Classic Conservative cozy homeliness!

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Decorating a home is a matter of personal taste and affinity. A home is a reflection of one?s own personality and thus, while choosing one?s home d?cor, most of us opt for a style that make us feel comfortable and at peace with ourselves. One of the styles that most people are comfortable in is the home d?cor theme of the classic conservative, which lets the householders be themselves. When you choose this theme of home interior decoration, let calm sophistication be your buzzwords. One of the most important reasons which account for this style of home d?cor is the fact that most of us have grown up in surroundings that instill in us the peace and security that all of us associate with our childhood. While planning out the interiors in this theme of home d?cor, the look that one would want to achieve would stress on a more formalistic pattern that would accentuate the traditional styles of home interior decoration.Symmetry is very important in this theme both in the case of furniture as well as in the lines, which concern the interiors. Since the style ranges on the conservative mode and pattern of home interior decorating one of the greatest criticisms levied against the style is the fact that rooms designed following this style are often too traditional to leave any room for innovation or experimentation. However, there are as most experts on home d?cor who feel that there is a lot of scope for experimentation within the realms of this pattern. The pattern of symmetry is evident throughout the room as most furnishings and accessories are arranged in pairs. The lines that this design demands too are neat and straight and as the name suggest, classic-conservative. One of the ways of adding variation to the straightforward pattern of the room is by introducing curved furniture or accessories in the interiors which can provide a much needed variation while keeping the traditional outlook of the theme intact.Using period furniture for the d?cor of these rooms can help to accentuate the look of antique elegance. An effective variation can be brought about through upholstered furniture, though keeping in mind that the pattern of the furniture used for the purpose should gel well with the overall theme of traditional good living that the theme stresses on. This theme of home interior decorating offers its followers plenty of scope for experimentation through the usage of colors. You can opt for a number of colors and patterns starting with floral to even geometric ones. For those who love contrasts one could also arrange the walls to be painted in neutral and softer hues with the upholstery and flooring in darker and more vibrant shades and patterns that are sure to redefine home d?cor with a new vigor. Understatement is the key to the entire issue with a stress on non-jarring homeliness.

Source : SymphonyHomeDecorating

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